InfraRed to BlueTooth Converters
for controlling your PS3 via universal IR remote



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How much does the IR2BTci cost?
Do you offer international ordering & shipping?


How do I place an order?
At our online store (see link on left)
How do I pay for my order?
Securely online via PayPal
(A PayPal account is NOT required,
they accept many payment options
including all major credit cards.)
Is the IR2BTci user-upgradable?
Is the IR2BTci user-configurable?
Yes, all options of the IR2BTci are configurable via the Configuration Application software.
Is the IR2BTci Configuration Application available for the Mac?
No, unfortunately the manufacturer of our processor currently only makes a hardware device driver for Windows.
I don't require the features of the IR2BTci. Are less-expensive options available?
Yes, there are several alternatives available from other manufacturers.
See the AVS thread here for info


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